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The Law Of Attraction IN ACTION. A Candid Chat With Conscious Activist, KENNY PALURINTANO.

This article was written by a beautiful soul I met at Anarchapulco this year, Erika Harris. To see the original, go here. Be sure to follow her on Steemit & Youtube



A Quick Look At The Gift Economy
According to Wikipedia: “A gift economy, gift culture, or gift exchange is a mode of exchange where valuables are not traded or sold, but rather given without an explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards. This contrasts with a barter economy or a market economy, where goods and services are primarily exchanged for value received.”

Eight or nine years, ago I was introduced to the prolific work of Charles Eisenstein. He’s Yale-educated in philosophy and mathematics, but seems to value much more, his direct and personal learning experiences. Charles is a genuinely brilliant person of original thought. He wrote, and freely gives away:

These lofty ideals floated in my head, and sometimes I tried them out in my life and small business. But not until I met Kenny did I see AN ENTIRE LIFE FLOW FROM these principles.

Our conversation below is about an hour. We were outside in the backyard of La Casa Creativa (one of Kenny’s many manifestations), so please pardon music, airplanes and other background sounds during the chat.

You’ll hear how Kenny journeyed from a life he wasn’t all that excited to live, to a near-magical mindset that seems to confidently manifest whatever he needs, and very often wants.

I wonder how the practice of a gift economy, and applying the Law of Attraction, will be received by those who celebrate free markets, capitalism, reason and logic?

Living Outside The Money Matrix
In fact, I was so intrigued that Kenny lives predominantly outside the money matrix, that single question was the basis of our recorded talk, but he shared much more than impersonal theory. He talks about:

  • how he shifted from selling drugs, to full-time activism
  • how he shifted from hard core atheism, to practicing the Law of Attraction
  • his greatest influences: Marshall Sylver and Abraham-Hicks
  • how The Rainbow Family/Gathering is cashless anarchy in practice. HERE is Kenny’s excellent 5-part series on it.
  • how he cleansed his body for a year, then his mind, then his life
  • how he wants “to be the kind of person that I want to see raising kids to change the world.”
  • how he stopped fearing the unknown, and also death
  • how he arranged for Alais Clay to perform at Anarchapulco
  • “If you live in fear, you’re going to experience the things you fear. I just trust that everything is going to be taken care of, and it always is.”
  • how an intense mushroom trip dissolved his identity, and exposed his false masks
  • how he worked as a distributor for GT’s Kombucha
  • how he re-programmed his brain, from negative to positively manifesting
  • “I won’t do anything for money, that I wouldn’t do for free.”
  • how he made a cannabis-infused BBQ sauce, that got him his first catering gig, which opened him to the joy of cooking for others!
  • how Kenny’s Conscious Kitchen has evolved… to just Kenny
  • how logic and the brain alone, is not enough to lead to happiness
  • how the #1 thing we can do to change the world, is to HEAL OURSELVES

Our Chat

Act as if…
See that smooth white rock? It’s a rare possession Kenny holds on to (as he seems to liquidate/give away as much as possible between his frequent travels). At one time, he carried this stone in his pocket, and ran his fingers over the colored words often enough, that they completely faded. It used to say: “Act as if you already are the person you want to be.”

Everyone loves and respects Kenny a great deal. I think it’s because his integrity is so high. What he SAYS, and how you see him LIVE, are aligned. You see principles in action, and I know I’ve been inspired and positively challenged to up my game on all levels since having met him a few months ago.

Two examples of agorism in action:
#1: La Casa Creativa
With the bankrolling help of Nathan and Lisa Freeman (who just gave birth to Spring Equinox baby Ira Belle yesterday!), Kenny organized special housing during Anarchapulco. It was special because of the vision it sprang from. It was special because of the unique blend of folks who stayed together under one beautiful roof, including: Sterlin Luxan, Alais Clay, Truniversal, Derrick Broze, Kurt David Robinson, Benny Wills, Starr O’Hara, an awesome traveler named Stxs, me and others… including That Guy T for one night! It was special because we each were entrusted to set our own price/offering, based on our ability and circumstance. It was special because it was voluntary, agorist and alchemical. [Note from Nathan Freeman: “Kenny paid back the money for the house in full. I’d like people to know that.”]

#2: Kombucha Workshop
In the picture above, the black crate in the right corner had more than a dozen SCOBYs (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) that Kenny gave each person who attended his FREE kombucha workshop this past Sunday at Verde Vegan. He taught us how to start brewing, gave us what we needed to start, and did not charge for the information or the SCOBY. Instead, he trusted us to each offer what we could, or thought appropriate. In his own words in a PM: “I’m doing this, as everything, on the gift economy, so there is no expectation or attachment to anything coming back, and anything that does is great.

I offered to do this post, and give him all the earnings from it. But it wasn’t just to pay for the kombucha workshop…

It is mostly to thank Kenny for refreshing my heart and spirit with his insistence to do so much good in the world. It is mostly to honor the brave social choices he makes, that help him maintain such a high and positive vibration in a world that seems to prefer complaints over solutions, and grumbling over gratitude. Talking with an adult who is free of cynicism and pessimism: (1) is a rare occurrence; and (2) hydrates your soul.

In that way, Kenny Palurintano is a cool drink of coconut water. If you’re inspired to, please help him reach his goal. He is happily open to Bitcoin gifts: 15bNwnDeT8TfgCMWjvHm4tAjaCArSyNAoN

Fancy a chat… or prefer to be listened to, lavishly? I’m available by appointment HERE.

Thursday Thoughts: May 19, 2016

“Capital as such is not evil; it is its wrong use that is evil. Capital in some form or other will always be needed.” – Mahatma Gandhi

I go back and forth a lot when it comes to money in general, fiat currencies, buying & selling, charging for my services, etc.

For many years before I started this chapter of my life, I spent a lot of my time concerned with money. I worked full-time, I sold… products on the side, I was always ready for a way to make a profit on a deal. During these years, I spent most of my free time drinking, getting stoned, playing video-games, binge-watching TV & movies, and having a string of unhealthy relationships (both romantic & platonic). I hold much experimentation with psychedelics, failed suicide attempts, and other near-death experiences responsible for the shift out of this.

When I began to pay attention to what was happening in the world again was when I started a relationship with an amazing woman I had met at my local mmj dispensary. She opened my eyes to many things, like GMOs & fluoride, and she constantly asked me questions that helped me re-frame so many things that I had long thought of as things that were wrong with me. I quit my job when she, her brother, and I started our own medicated BBQ sauce & honey business.

Bud Kindly BBQ

When things fell apart between the three of us, I removed most of my focus from the making/having/spending of money, and focused all my energy on trying to change the world. I quickly went to a non-GMO diet, cutting out processed foods. Next I created a couple of FB pages, getting 1000s of likes quickly by posting poignant memes in busy comment threads on large pages. As that grew tiresome, I attended my first protest, the 2013 Million Mask March, and realized that we had to be out making a positive change, not complaining about the problems we saw. So, I proceeded to help organize a string of events called #OpSafeWinter.

A few months into my organizing career, a couple of friends introduced me to the Law of Attraction, through the work of Abraham-Hicks, and that old saying, “be the change you want to see in the world” resonated with me very strongly. I began focusing all of my energy on myself, my happiness, my healing, my communication. I decided I would not work again for someone I didn’t actually support, and quickly got a job at Bob’s Red Mill, a non-GMO, employee-owned company. I made a clear budget for myself while I was there: 25% rent & utilities, 50% food so I could share with lots of people (all from the organic co-op 20 blocks away, so blessed!), 25% on improving myself. I ended up being the organizer of Portland’s 2014 Million Mask March, and in doing so decided to focus my my money on the event, spending over $3000 in a couple months on printing flyers & brochures, getting 500 Guy Fawkes masks, food, and creating ~450 info bags (Alais Clay’s “Reverse Hypnosis“, MC Xander’s “Eyeopeness”, Adam Kokesh’s “FREEDOM!“, and the documentary “Owned & Operated“). [Just an aside, the 2 CDs and the DVD were all burnt and Lightscribe labeled one at a time.]


After putting on that event, I decided to focus back on myself again, but this time in treating myself as well. I got an E-bike to make my commute to work better, I cut down from 40 hours/week to 32, I signed up for an $500 workshop, followed by a trip to Mexico for Anarchapulco! When I got back to Portland, I knew it was time for some major changes, and just 3 months later I quit my job, gave away & sold almost all of my belongings, and packed a backpack to hit the road.

Just in the last 11 months since I started traveling (wow, it seems like a LOT more time has passed than that), things have really shifted a great deal. When I left for the Rainbow Gathering, I brought with me about 600 pounds of food to donate, $200 cash, my backpack & day-pack with everything I needed to live, and 2 boxes of crystals to give away. For the following months, I had almost no interaction with money at all, reclaiming a lot of food, occasionally working a trim-job for a day to get me through the next few weeks, volunteering at every festival I attended, and just generally being of service, meaning people wanted me around.

Towards winter solstice last year, I had a realization that my resistance to money was acting as a resistance to abundance in general, and decided to start changing things. Almost immediately, I was made an offer to cook an 8-course meal for a 20+ person Christmas dinner. Around the same time, I was getting some guidance & assistance from an amazing friend Andy Harrison, who made a point about every dollar that comes to me making the world better, by the nature of what I have dedicated my life to being and doing.

Shortly after this, I found myself at the second Anarchapulco, where I was cooking food & making smoothies for a building full of anarchists, happily accepting donations towards the food, and cooking large meals & selling to-go meals on a pay-what-you-want basis. A brother I met while down there this year just refused to get food from me, unless I set a price for him, which I was HIGHLY resistant to (My feeling is that I don’t know your financial situation or how much you are going to like the food. I want you to have the experience I am sharing, then decide what, if anything you want to give me in return), and though I did end up giving him a price, we never actually made the exchange. I was also offered a few things like being a personal chef, doing online cooking classes, and being given money to keep doing what I’m doing… most of which I haven’t really taken action on because of my lack of surety here.

I listen to people on every end of the spectrum when it comes to money and commerce, and I know that in the next few years, I plan on finding myself on a piece of land somewhere with a village of aligned people who want to share with & take care of each other, and it won’t be a concern. In the meantime, what to do? I know that I love the feeling of giving away a bunch of food, and letting people give me tips/donations if they want to; I know that it feels good to show up at an event and give my all without any expectation of something in return, and it feels even better when I do end up getting something in return; I know that it doesn’t feel quite right to set a price to something; I know that it doesn’t feel good to keep someone from having something because of a lack of money.

For the moment, I’m in the place of continuing to give all that I can, and just being sure to remain open to whatever the universe sends back my way, either from the people receiving or in some other way. I have also finally gotten comfortable enough with the idea of asking for help from others to create a crowdfunding page (something that has been next-on-the-list for many months now).

This ended up being quite the wall of text, so I am definitely going to put up a separate post as the “official” launch of my campaign, but here are the details on my 2016 Tour and how you can support it on GoFundMe… or you can:

Donate via Bitcoin


Bitcoin Address

Thursday Thoughts: March 10, 2016

Yesterday, while listening to some Abraham-Hicks recordings and waiting to see what new opportunities the world was going to throw my way, this came on. At first, I didn’t really notice it, but about halfway through the clip, I started to really get sucked in. I quickly decided that I was going to wait until it ended and go back to the beginning so I could write it down. As it turns out, I had my media player on shuffle, so it took about 15 minutes of searching through my library to find it again.

My plan is to read this to myself every night & every morning for the next few weeks, and if it resonates with you, I would recommend doing the same thing. Enjoy!


While I sleep, momentum is going to cease for me.

My point of attraction is resting.

I’m experiencing, while I sleep, a Law of Attraction reprieve.

While I’m sleeping tonight, momentum subsides.

When I awaken in the morning, I’ve pushed the reset button, and now I can jump in at any vibrational point that I choose.

I choose to jump in in a very general place.

I choose to jump in in the place of, “oh this bed feels good”, and “I really did have a nice time”, and “I sure did like this about this”, and “wasn’t that a beautiful thing”, and “doesn’t it feel good to be me”, and “hasn’t life been good to me over these days”, and “isn’t it nice to know that life is supposed to be good”

I like knowing that life is vibrational.

I like knowing that I am a translator of vibration.

I like knowing that Law of Attraction exists.

I like knowing that Law of Attraction creates momentum.

I like knowing that I can choose the direction of my momentum.

I like knowing that when I choose the direction of my momentum, that it becomes obvious to me.

I like knowing that I can’t get it wrong.

I like knowing that this is all for fun.

I like knowing that I am getting to do this, and that the entire Universe is cooperating to show me, in endless ways, what I’ve got going on vibrationally.

I like feeling the worthiness that is me.

I like sensing that Source is on my side.

I like the awareness that I can think out of alignment with Source, but that I always feel it.

I like knowing that I can guide myself back into vibrational alignment with who I really am.

I like knowing that whether I do or not, Source is still adoring me.

I like knowing that Source never takes attention from me, that any time I decide to lean in that direction, it’s right there for me to hook up with.

I like knowing that I get to create my own reality, and I like knowing how that happens.

I like knowing there’s no rush to any finish line.

I like knowing that other people are here like me doing the same thing.

I like knowing that we are all in this together.

I like knowing that we offer benefit to one another.

I like knowing that essentially we are all the same, we are all love looking for a place to happen, we are all clarity looking for a place to happen, that’s who we naturally, innately are.

I like being in this physical body.

I like the knowledge, the intelligence of my self.

I like knowing how much alignment is taking place, even without me knowing it.

I like the awareness of how many things are already queued up for my success, that I don’t even have to think about at all.

I like having figured out what my place in all of this is.

I love the contrast of my life.

I love the exposure to life that generates pure desire within me.

I love wanting new cars and new houses.

I love wanting physical wellness.

I love wanting currency that is so portable and so wonderful to exchange.

I love living life.

I love embracing life.

I love engaging in all the physical things.

I like being physical.

I like the emotional basis, but oh boy, do I like it when my emotional basis is allowed to increase my momentum, unfettered by contradictory thought.

I love the power of creation that flows through me.

I love understanding that I am a focusing mechanism.

I love understanding that Source flows through me.

I like thinking about Source focusing through me.

I like being of benefit to Source.

I like knowing that the Universe is expanding, and that I am a part of that.

I love the feeling of my part in the expansion.

Oh, do I love an idea when it occurs to me.

I love the feeling of an idea.

I love being present and conscious and realizing an idea that is expanding within me because I am not restricting it with contradictory thought.

I love the sensation of energy moving through me.

I love being the vessel through which Source creates.

I love being the cooperative component of that which is Source.

I love adding to the environment in a positive way.

I love tuning my frequency to that of Source.

I love being the catalyst for others to tune their frequency too.

I love being a physical being in this time-space reality, knowing what I know.

I love knowing that I can’t get it wrong, and that I’ll never get it done.

I love knowing that I am an eternal being.

I love knowing that I will always be present, that my consciousness is real, that my consciousness is always focused, and I love knowing all of those who have lived before, whose consciousness is still alive and real and available to me.

I love the infinite intelligence that is available to me.

I love knowing that all I have to do is softly allow a frequency of well-being, just for a little while, and that Law of Attraction will add to it until I have access to infinite intelligence on any subject in the world.

I know that I can expand as far, and as fast, as I decide to, and I know that the underpinning of all of that is to just find something to feel good about, or just remembering the emotion of feeling good.

I love knowing that we are not measured against one another, but that we are all here in support and advantage to each other.

I love remembering the trajectory that we are all on.

I love acknowledging the diversity of that which is us, and recognizing the perfection of that diversity.

I love knowing that I can be in this place where I can feel such clarity of what Source feels, that I can look out on the world and feel good about everything that I see, because I am in alignment with Source, I will not be able to see things that are not in alignment with Source.

I love knowing that this world is expanding, and I love knowing that my part in it is the expansion as well.

I love knowing that what I’m focusing on right now is important enough that a new thought is available, and I love the feeling of the new thought.

I love knowing that I am so unique in my expression of life here that there is never a duplication of anything, I’m not copying anything anybody else is doing. I’m living in this time-space reality uniquely, launching my unique rockets of desire, and I can feel the way Source revels with me in the launching of a new idea.

I can feel the enthusiasm that Source has, in the expansion of the universe that just happened in the conversation I just had, or because of the experience that I just had.

I love knowing the unyielding, ever-offered, undeniable, unconditional love that Source feels for me, and for everyone else.

I love basking in the environment of that well-being.

I love this soup that we all make up.

I love the experience of creation, even more than I love what I am creating.

But I understand that if I did not have an object of attention that I am wanting to create, I could not experience this delicious experience of creation.

I am a creator.

I live for the experience of creation.

I am a co-creator.

I live for the experience of co-creating with my non-physical partners, with my physical partners, for the expansion of all-that-is.

Life is so good for me.

Life is so good for all of us.

We are all in this together.

This is the perfect time to be alive.

There’s nothing better for me to do that what I’m doing right here, right now, finding the fullness of this moment in time.

There’s not someplace else I should be, there’s not someplace else I’d rather be.

There’s not something else I should be doing, there’s not something else I’d rather be doing.

I’m fully invested, fully focused, in this moment, reaching for my center of well-being and then allowing the Universe to show me how far I’m able to go right now with this, and then with this, and then with this, and then with this, a cheering section behind me all the time, all the love and support that could ever be offered, offered to me and to everyone else, no exception.

All I need to do is find a frequency and practice it until it’s my normal frequency.


2014 Alaskan Cruise (Buy the CDs) (.mp3 Torrent)

“Best Abraham Rampage Yet”