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Thursday Thoughts: May 19, 2016

“Capital as such is not evil; it is its wrong use that is evil. Capital in some form or other will always be needed.” – Mahatma Gandhi

I go back and forth a lot when it comes to money in general, fiat currencies, buying & selling, charging for my services, etc.

For many years before I started this chapter of my life, I spent a lot of my time concerned with money. I worked full-time, I sold… products on the side, I was always ready for a way to make a profit on a deal. During these years, I spent most of my free time drinking, getting stoned, playing video-games, binge-watching TV & movies, and having a string of unhealthy relationships (both romantic & platonic). I hold much experimentation with psychedelics, failed suicide attempts, and other near-death experiences responsible for the shift out of this.

When I began to pay attention to what was happening in the world again was when I started a relationship with an amazing woman I had met at my local mmj dispensary. She opened my eyes to many things, like GMOs & fluoride, and she constantly asked me questions that helped me re-frame so many things that I had long thought of as things that were wrong with me. I quit my job when she, her brother, and I started our own medicated BBQ sauce & honey business.

Bud Kindly BBQ

When things fell apart between the three of us, I removed most of my focus from the making/having/spending of money, and focused all my energy on trying to change the world. I quickly went to a non-GMO diet, cutting out processed foods. Next I created a couple of FB pages, getting 1000s of likes quickly by posting poignant memes in busy comment threads on large pages. As that grew tiresome, I attended my first protest, the 2013 Million Mask March, and realized that we had to be out making a positive change, not complaining about the problems we saw. So, I proceeded to help organize a string of events called #OpSafeWinter.

A few months into my organizing career, a couple of friends introduced me to the Law of Attraction, through the work of Abraham-Hicks, and that old saying, “be the change you want to see in the world” resonated with me very strongly. I began focusing all of my energy on myself, my happiness, my healing, my communication. I decided I would not work again for someone I didn’t actually support, and quickly got a job at Bob’s Red Mill, a non-GMO, employee-owned company. I made a clear budget for myself while I was there: 25% rent & utilities, 50% food so I could share with lots of people (all from the organic co-op 20 blocks away, so blessed!), 25% on improving myself. I ended up being the organizer of Portland’s 2014 Million Mask March, and in doing so decided to focus my my money on the event, spending over $3000 in a couple months on printing flyers & brochures, getting 500 Guy Fawkes masks, food, and creating ~450 info bags (Alais Clay’s “Reverse Hypnosis“, MC Xander’s “Eyeopeness”, Adam Kokesh’s “FREEDOM!“, and the documentary “Owned & Operated“). [Just an aside, the 2 CDs and the DVD were all burnt and Lightscribe labeled one at a time.]


After putting on that event, I decided to focus back on myself again, but this time in treating myself as well. I got an E-bike to make my commute to work better, I cut down from 40 hours/week to 32, I signed up for an $500 workshop, followed by a trip to Mexico for Anarchapulco! When I got back to Portland, I knew it was time for some major changes, and just 3 months later I quit my job, gave away & sold almost all of my belongings, and packed a backpack to hit the road.

Just in the last 11 months since I started traveling (wow, it seems like a LOT more time has passed than that), things have really shifted a great deal. When I left for the Rainbow Gathering, I brought with me about 600 pounds of food to donate, $200 cash, my backpack & day-pack with everything I needed to live, and 2 boxes of crystals to give away. For the following months, I had almost no interaction with money at all, reclaiming a lot of food, occasionally working a trim-job for a day to get me through the next few weeks, volunteering at every festival I attended, and just generally being of service, meaning people wanted me around.

Towards winter solstice last year, I had a realization that my resistance to money was acting as a resistance to abundance in general, and decided to start changing things. Almost immediately, I was made an offer to cook an 8-course meal for a 20+ person Christmas dinner. Around the same time, I was getting some guidance & assistance from an amazing friend Andy Harrison, who made a point about every dollar that comes to me making the world better, by the nature of what I have dedicated my life to being and doing.

Shortly after this, I found myself at the second Anarchapulco, where I was cooking food & making smoothies for a building full of anarchists, happily accepting donations towards the food, and cooking large meals & selling to-go meals on a pay-what-you-want basis. A brother I met while down there this year just refused to get food from me, unless I set a price for him, which I was HIGHLY resistant to (My feeling is that I don’t know your financial situation or how much you are going to like the food. I want you to have the experience I am sharing, then decide what, if anything you want to give me in return), and though I did end up giving him a price, we never actually made the exchange. I was also offered a few things like being a personal chef, doing online cooking classes, and being given money to keep doing what I’m doing… most of which I haven’t really taken action on because of my lack of surety here.

I listen to people on every end of the spectrum when it comes to money and commerce, and I know that in the next few years, I plan on finding myself on a piece of land somewhere with a village of aligned people who want to share with & take care of each other, and it won’t be a concern. In the meantime, what to do? I know that I love the feeling of giving away a bunch of food, and letting people give me tips/donations if they want to; I know that it feels good to show up at an event and give my all without any expectation of something in return, and it feels even better when I do end up getting something in return; I know that it doesn’t feel quite right to set a price to something; I know that it doesn’t feel good to keep someone from having something because of a lack of money.

For the moment, I’m in the place of continuing to give all that I can, and just being sure to remain open to whatever the universe sends back my way, either from the people receiving or in some other way. I have also finally gotten comfortable enough with the idea of asking for help from others to create a crowdfunding page (something that has been next-on-the-list for many months now).

This ended up being quite the wall of text, so I am definitely going to put up a separate post as the “official” launch of my campaign, but here are the details on my 2016 Tour and how you can support it on GoFundMe… or you can:

Donate via Bitcoin


Bitcoin Address

Feeding the Masses… For Free!

One of the most common questions I get from people about my travels is how I manage to stick with my organic vegan diet while traveling with almost no money, and more than that, feed tons of people that same medicine food. There is no one answer to that, as it involves a combination of home-grown foods, farmers’ markets, shopping the “reduced produce” shelf, and… dumpster diving.

What a usual dumpster run looks like.
What a usual dumpster run looks like.

For some reason, “western” culture is so dedicated to upholding the illusion of scarcity that businesses would rather toss pounds of food every day into the landfill than lower their prices a little bit. A lot of people tend to get stuck on that inefficiency, complaining about the percentage of food in America that ends up in the trash, and sometimes even asking for violent threats to be used against any company that throws edible food away. As with any issue, once you are aware of it, the best thing you can do is focus on possible solutions to it. In this case, by simply visiting your local grocery stores a little after they close, you are not only feeding people for free, but you are turning a “loss” as the company sees it into abundance.

Like so many things in the paradigm that we are transitioning out of, the idea that there isn’t enough food is not only based on a scarcity-mindset (and therefore not in alignment with reality), but is factually untrue.

This slideshow from last night, Saturday, March 12th, shows what our abundance-reclamation team came up with on a very short run, about 15 miles round trip and maybe an hour of our time. Besides 20+ pounds of potatoes (none of which were soft, sprouted, or moldy), 5 bags of apples (each of which had 2-3 smashed ones and 8-10 perfect ones), this particular evening one store had emptied its meat freezer.

While I personally do not consume meat, I know a lot of people who will eat these finds. The only thing I find worse than raising these animals in captivity for the explicit purpose of killing them, is to then throw away the meat, which is the entire justification for the genocide to begin with, “We need meat to feed people”. All of this meat was still packaged, still frozen, and it will be perfectly usable for many months to come. Sticker price on all this meat was just about $690. Let that sink in for a minute…

Here’s the breakdown of the meat that was tossed out:

  • 11x Beef Tenderloin (7oz)
  • 9x New York Strip (10oz)
  • 4x Rib-eye (10oz)
  • 10x Beef Stew Meat (16oz)
  • 3x Whole Chickens (~4Lbs)
  • 1x Chicken Breast (1Lb)
  • 1x Pork Chop (1Lb)
  • 1x Salmon Filet (8oz)

That’s well over 25 pounds of meat. 25 pounds of animal flesh, that would not even have been able to break down and feed insects & micro-organisms if we hadn’t reclaimed it, as it was all sealed in plastic.

We live in a universe of infinite abundance. Any time there seems to be scarcity, not enough of something, it’s an illusion.