Traveling Chef

One of my biggest passions is feeding people delicious, healthy food. Since I started traveling, I’ve fed 1000’s of people at Rainbow Gatherings, festivals, parties, and in their homes. Whether it be cooking 3 meals a day for a household of people, or making meals in 15 gallon pots, I put tons of love & healing intentions into everything I serve, and get amazing amounts of joy from doing it.

When bringing large groups of people together, food is one of the most important facets, and I take pride in crafting my dishes around what is available locally, what the season, weather, and people’s energy levels call for, and what will be most in alignment with the intentions of the event. I often spend as much time chanting mantras, and setting my intentions for a meal as I do chopping vegetables and mixing things together.

Every year from July 1st through 7th (at least), you can find me at the National Rainbow Gathering, cooking at “Instant Soup”. Instant Soup is a 24-hour vegan kitchen, celebrating our 20th birthday in 2016! If I’m not cooking, you will find me somewhere in, or very close to, the kitchen having some amazing conversation or doing healing work with someone.

If you’d like to have my help with an event you’re hosting, whether physically preparing food or simply helping plan a menu, please contact me!