Life Optimization Facilitator

“Think of me as Alfred to your Batman”

One of the most rewarding and enjoyable parts of my journey has been the time I’ve spent living with people, usually a week or two at a time, and simply playing a support role in whatever way I can. This almost always includes cooking a couple of meals a day and cleaning & organizing around the house (especially the kitchen), in addition to a wide variety of other possibilities. I simply offer my services in whatever way is most in alignment in the moment, but the things that seem to come up often include:

  • Coaching: active listening, giving another point of view, practice using the Law of Attraction, reprogramming your brain/changing habits
  • Space clearing & setting: helping move stuck energy and set new intentions for your space, helping minimize belongings, and moving
  • Inspiration & Musing: Problem-solving, brainstorming, fleshing out ideas, help keeping the creativity flowing
  • Event Planning: festivals, workshops, parties, marches, rallies
  • Tech support: computer repair, building computers, maintenance, and lessons (MS Office, database management, finding entertainment & resources for free online)
  • Guiding & grounding psychedelic experiences