An interview I did with another Steemit early adopter: @lpfaust. We talk about my traveling life, veganism, dumspter diving, creating content, and of course Steemit!

Be the Show Podcast (with @lpfaust) 8/28/2017

An interview recorded just after Anarchapulco 2017, at the ‘Casa Creativa’ that I organized in town. Alex & I talk about manifestation, abundance/scarcity, my healing journey, getting “woke”, and much more.
Woke AF Podcast (with Alex Lasarev [Sasha Daygame])

An Interview about sustainability, moving away from an anthropocentric world-view, feeding the world, and Kenny’s Conscious Kitchen.
The Paradise Paradox (With Kurt David Robinson)

An interview about living a solutions-oriented life, viewing the difficulties in life as opportunities for growth, and anarchy as the natural state of humankind.
Political Scams (with Hector Cubillos)

An interview about my travels over the summer and my vision for the future
The Paradise Paradox (with Kurt David Robinson & Aaron Battle)

An interview about the 2014 Million Mask March in Portland
Voices From the Edge (with Jo Ann Hardesty)
KBOO (Portland’s Community Radio Station)