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Kenny’s introduction & guide to attending your first Rainbow Gathering; or “A Primer on Visiting the World of the Future”


With summer rapidly approaching, many of you are likely starting to get quite excited to attend your first Rainbow Gathering. This year, just like every year since 1972, thousands of beautiful humans will come together in a national forest to practice living cooperatively, walking lightly on the land, and loving each other. Every year, hundreds of people attend the Gathering for their first time, and this year in particular I’m excited to be bringing dozens of friends & family to their first, and so it only makes sense to create a little introductory walk-through to help ease things along for everyone 🙂

What is the Rainbow Gathering?

The Rainbow Gathering is a portal to the world of the future that those of us who identify as anarchists, voluntaryists, hippies, etc want to see come to pass. The Gathering is completely free, self-organizing, non-hierarchical, and operates entirely on volunteers, donations, and consensus-based decision-making. The first Gathering was in 1972, and it has since grown to over 100 annual events, the largest of which is the “US National” gathering: July 1st – 7th every year. For a WHOLE lot more details about the Gathering’s history, philosophy, and structure, please read my 5-part series “The Rainbow Gathering: 5 Decades of Beta-Testing Anarchist Society” (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), or watch the presentation I gave at this year’s Anarchapulco by the same title.

Where is the 2017 Gathering?

This year’s Gathering will be held in Oregon, in a National Forest as always. The exact location of the Gathering will be decided by consensus at Spring Council, in just under 2 weeks. As soon as the exact location is decided, GPS coordinates & directions will appear at the top of this page

What to bring

What I generally tell people is to bring your usual camping gear, a cup/bowl & spork, and whatever you want to share with everyone else at the Gathering. You can come in with an entire car-load of equipment, or you can simply bring the necessities, and trust that all will be provided for (and it will). For those of you who want a specific breakdown, here’s a guide I found a couple of years ago:

How to get involved

Every single thing that gets done at Rainbow happens because someone volunteered to do it. As with most things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out of it. If you want to have the most life-changing experience possible at the Gathering, I highly recommend helping out often, and in a variety of ways. There is always something to be done, from cutting vegetables to helping someone carry their gear in, from collecting and chopping firewood to digging shitters. Any time you’re bored, just stop by Instant Soup (the 24-hour vegan kitchen where I cook), and we’ll have plenty of ways you can plug in and help us feed all the wonderful people.


How to get water & food

The most important things to bring to the Gathering are your cup/bowl and spoon/fork. As long as you have those things, food and water will just manifest for you left and right. Every evening at 6pm, the whole of the Gathering comes together for a family dinner, where you can try a huge variety of foods from a dozen or more kitchens. At any other time of day, there will be lots of other kitchens serving food to whoever is hungry, like my own kitchen: Instant Soup. We are (usually) the only kitchen around that serves food 24-hours/day. Water is similarly easy to come by, simply find the nearest kitchen, and chances are they will have a water filtration system. One of the goals when choosing a location for a Gathering is a water source to gravity-feed to the kitchens.

How to poop in the woods

At the Gathering, everyone uses trench latrines, called “shitters”, which are approximately 4 foot deep, 8 foot long composting toilets. From any kitchen or camp, there will generally be orange markers leading to the nearest shitter. When you finish, near the toilet paper there will be a can of ash or lime, to be sprinkled on top of your poop to make sure flies don’t get to it and contaminate the food supply.


How to get to/from the Gathering

There are an unlimited number of ways to make your way to the Gathering, from the most simple like driving your own car from your house to the gathering, all the way to train-hopping like my good friend Stxs. Probably the largest number of people get to the Gathering by hitch-hiking or piling into a bus full of hippies and car-pool there. Some of the tools that I highly recommend are the Ride-Share options on Craigslist or Facebook. To use CL, simply go to the closest major city to where you are, go to ride-shares, and make a post explaining where you are and where you’re trying to get to. What is even more successful are the FB Rainbow/Hippie ride-share groups, a few of which I’ll list here for you:


Of all the events I’ve attended, from festivals to conferences, retreats to seminars, there is nothing I recommend as highly as the Rainbow Gathering. The combination of being a truly anarchist, self-organizing event, being the only one which doesn’t involve money, fossil fuels, cities, or anything else of Babylon, and being the one place where everyone truly remembers that they are, and acts like family, make it a breath-taking experience. Also, based on my understanding of how the universe works, the most effective way to manifest something is to act as if you already have it, and that’s exactly what Rainbow is, thousands of people acting as if they already have a world of freedom, peace, cooperation, love, and abundance.

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I’m always open to and grateful for any & all gifts and support from the universe, and it all goes towards my many projects to make the world a more peaceful, loving, free, and well-fed place 🙂
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The Law Of Attraction IN ACTION. A Candid Chat With Conscious Activist, KENNY PALURINTANO.

This article was written by a beautiful soul I met at Anarchapulco this year, Erika Harris. To see the original, go here. Be sure to follow her on Steemit & Youtube



A Quick Look At The Gift Economy
According to Wikipedia: “A gift economy, gift culture, or gift exchange is a mode of exchange where valuables are not traded or sold, but rather given without an explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards. This contrasts with a barter economy or a market economy, where goods and services are primarily exchanged for value received.”

Eight or nine years, ago I was introduced to the prolific work of Charles Eisenstein. He’s Yale-educated in philosophy and mathematics, but seems to value much more, his direct and personal learning experiences. Charles is a genuinely brilliant person of original thought. He wrote, and freely gives away:

These lofty ideals floated in my head, and sometimes I tried them out in my life and small business. But not until I met Kenny did I see AN ENTIRE LIFE FLOW FROM these principles.

Our conversation below is about an hour. We were outside in the backyard of La Casa Creativa (one of Kenny’s many manifestations), so please pardon music, airplanes and other background sounds during the chat.

You’ll hear how Kenny journeyed from a life he wasn’t all that excited to live, to a near-magical mindset that seems to confidently manifest whatever he needs, and very often wants.

I wonder how the practice of a gift economy, and applying the Law of Attraction, will be received by those who celebrate free markets, capitalism, reason and logic?

Living Outside The Money Matrix
In fact, I was so intrigued that Kenny lives predominantly outside the money matrix, that single question was the basis of our recorded talk, but he shared much more than impersonal theory. He talks about:

  • how he shifted from selling drugs, to full-time activism
  • how he shifted from hard core atheism, to practicing the Law of Attraction
  • his greatest influences: Marshall Sylver and Abraham-Hicks
  • how The Rainbow Family/Gathering is cashless anarchy in practice. HERE is Kenny’s excellent 5-part series on it.
  • how he cleansed his body for a year, then his mind, then his life
  • how he wants “to be the kind of person that I want to see raising kids to change the world.”
  • how he stopped fearing the unknown, and also death
  • how he arranged for Alais Clay to perform at Anarchapulco
  • “If you live in fear, you’re going to experience the things you fear. I just trust that everything is going to be taken care of, and it always is.”
  • how an intense mushroom trip dissolved his identity, and exposed his false masks
  • how he worked as a distributor for GT’s Kombucha
  • how he re-programmed his brain, from negative to positively manifesting
  • “I won’t do anything for money, that I wouldn’t do for free.”
  • how he made a cannabis-infused BBQ sauce, that got him his first catering gig, which opened him to the joy of cooking for others!
  • how Kenny’s Conscious Kitchen has evolved… to just Kenny
  • how logic and the brain alone, is not enough to lead to happiness
  • how the #1 thing we can do to change the world, is to HEAL OURSELVES

Our Chat

Act as if…
See that smooth white rock? It’s a rare possession Kenny holds on to (as he seems to liquidate/give away as much as possible between his frequent travels). At one time, he carried this stone in his pocket, and ran his fingers over the colored words often enough, that they completely faded. It used to say: “Act as if you already are the person you want to be.”

Everyone loves and respects Kenny a great deal. I think it’s because his integrity is so high. What he SAYS, and how you see him LIVE, are aligned. You see principles in action, and I know I’ve been inspired and positively challenged to up my game on all levels since having met him a few months ago.

Two examples of agorism in action:
#1: La Casa Creativa
With the bankrolling help of Nathan and Lisa Freeman (who just gave birth to Spring Equinox baby Ira Belle yesterday!), Kenny organized special housing during Anarchapulco. It was special because of the vision it sprang from. It was special because of the unique blend of folks who stayed together under one beautiful roof, including: Sterlin Luxan, Alais Clay, Truniversal, Derrick Broze, Kurt David Robinson, Benny Wills, Starr O’Hara, an awesome traveler named Stxs, me and others… including That Guy T for one night! It was special because we each were entrusted to set our own price/offering, based on our ability and circumstance. It was special because it was voluntary, agorist and alchemical. [Note from Nathan Freeman: “Kenny paid back the money for the house in full. I’d like people to know that.”]

#2: Kombucha Workshop
In the picture above, the black crate in the right corner had more than a dozen SCOBYs (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) that Kenny gave each person who attended his FREE kombucha workshop this past Sunday at Verde Vegan. He taught us how to start brewing, gave us what we needed to start, and did not charge for the information or the SCOBY. Instead, he trusted us to each offer what we could, or thought appropriate. In his own words in a PM: “I’m doing this, as everything, on the gift economy, so there is no expectation or attachment to anything coming back, and anything that does is great.

I offered to do this post, and give him all the earnings from it. But it wasn’t just to pay for the kombucha workshop…

It is mostly to thank Kenny for refreshing my heart and spirit with his insistence to do so much good in the world. It is mostly to honor the brave social choices he makes, that help him maintain such a high and positive vibration in a world that seems to prefer complaints over solutions, and grumbling over gratitude. Talking with an adult who is free of cynicism and pessimism: (1) is a rare occurrence; and (2) hydrates your soul.

In that way, Kenny Palurintano is a cool drink of coconut water. If you’re inspired to, please help him reach his goal. He is happily open to Bitcoin gifts: 15bNwnDeT8TfgCMWjvHm4tAjaCArSyNAoN

Fancy a chat… or prefer to be listened to, lavishly? I’m available by appointment HERE.

Why 2016 is the best election year in modern US history

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Never in my life has there been an election so full of potential to make the world better. This year, for the first time in my life, I’m excited about the election, and filled with optimism. At this point, you’re probably starting to think that I’m crazy, with words like “wall”, “scandal”, and “rigged” coming to mind. Let me lay out the key reasons I feel this way.

Communications Technology

Our communications abilities are greater now than they have ever been, meaning more people than ever are learning about the scandals, cover-ups, and lies (which are always present in elections). The great thing is that this facet of global affairs just keeps getting better every day. Just think (or remember) how difficult it was to get people informed and activated before cell phones and the internet, or even with the earlier versions of these things.

Bernie Sanders

I’ve heard quite a few people call Bernie Sanders the Ron Paul of the left, which I disagree with as far as their political or economic beliefs, though I can see the similar roles they have played in the political scene.
In my travels, I can’t count how many times I’ve heard someone attribute their “waking up”, their knowledge of the underlying issues we’re facing, to Ron Paul’s campaigns and the way he was locked out. Bernie Sanders likely has more followers than Ron Paul did, especially with the under 35 crowd, the people most readily accepting of new ideas. Although Sanders wasn’t trying to spread the messages of freedom & peace like Dr. Paul was, his followers have still just seen the reality of the system laid out for them, are feeling disenfranchised with the system, and are more ready to hear about alternatives than ever before.


This “trade agreement” is a shining example of the expansion of fascism in global politics over the last century. This document is a clear declaration of war against the human race and the Earth we live on. It’s having the amazing effect of uniting the environmentalist, labor rights, freedom of information, food justice, et al. movements towards a common goal. This is the perfect common ground to bring people’s attention to the inherent structural issues we are dealing with.
(Photo Source)

Hillary Clinton

Finally, we have the combination left-right ticket of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. This pair was clearly chosen to lock Clinton in by getting the votes of right-wingers that don’t support Trump. What a perfect example of the oligarchy that is US government, as well as a great way to introduce people to things like the CFR. Best of all, this gives us a wonderful chance to (jokingly) ask for open & honest tyranny, a 1-party system, and the person who will take the most rights away. Talking about things like: “the best of both worlds, anti-abortion AND pro gun-control”, “supported by the universities & media AND the oil companies”, and “how divisive and frustrating the 2-party system was, how much simpler it will be just voting for the Tyranny Party”.
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How to capitalize on these opportunities

However you approach spreading the message of freedom & peace, here are a couple of the keys I’ve learned to avoid people’s cognitive dissonance and defensive responses.

  • Stick to the principles:It’s easy for conversation to get bogged down in the euphemisms, the drama, and the distractions of the political realm. An easy way to avoid this, and make sure you’re getting your point across, is to always bring it back to the principles and consistent application of them. The principles I most resonate with, and that nobody ever seems to disagree with (though they often don’t apply consistently) are:
    • You own yourself
    • It is wrong to use force, or the threat of force, except in self-defense
    • All agreements between reasoning humans should be voluntary
    • No group can have rights greater than the rights of the people who make it up
  • Ask Questions: Whenever you try to tell somebody anything that doesn’t fit their belief systems, you are going to hit a wall. If you ask them questions that get them to agree with you, all of a sudden you’ve jumped right past those defenses. Here are those same principles laid out as questions:
    • Do you believe that you own yourself, that you own your body, that you own your labor?
    • Would you agree that it’s wrong to use force, except in self-defense
    • Do you believe that a person should be subject to contracts they didn’t agree to?
    • If a group of people get together, does it give them extra rights? For example, if it’s wrong to use force, but 3 people get together and decide to use force against someone, does it become right?
  • Offer non-violent solutions & alternatives: For anything that the state handles, through it’s violent means, there is always a more peaceful, efficient, and high quality solution available. There is always an alternative that you can act on in your own life, a way you can take responsibility for the things you want to change, and BE THE CHANGE. Here are just alternatives for things that people often depend on the state for: